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Barthel and Stickler Join the Land Team at Centra Homes

August 3rd, 2020

This summer has seen two new additions to the Land Team at Centra Homes.  While their backgrounds are quite different, their skillsets are proving quite complementary.

 The job of a Land Manager for a residential builder can be quite diverse.  Successful team members must source new opportunities, manage relationships with municipalities and landowners as well as keep subcontractors moving on existing projects.

In short, the job calls for moving every project from the ideation phase through to finished lots and beyond. 

When seeking to hire a Land Manager at Centra, CFO Dave Pattberg says finding the right candidate can prove to be more art than science.

So instead, he found two:

“Land Manager is a role that requires construction-side experience, but also an understanding of city government and planning.  With Ross and Amy, we were lucky enough to find experience in both areas that really fits together nicely,” says Pattberg.

Amy Barthel

Amy Barthel joins the Land Team following planner positions in city government at both Big Lake and Rogers. In these roles she learned the ins and outs of municipal projects from the city side of the table. 

She enjoyed the work but found she wanted more:

“I loved working for the city but really longed to see the entire development process from the beginning of an idea to the end product.  It will be satisfying to see projects through and become more hands on” says Barthel.

She brings a deep understanding of the Planning side of development, even as she finds herself suddenly on the other side of the table.  Working to round out her experience is a challenge Barthel is excited to dig into:  

“I like to learn new things every day and that keeps me going.  The incredible leadership team at Centra is very supportive, it’s been great.”  

Barthel is also excited that her new job offers her a chance to get away from her desk and onto a job site or two.

Ross Stickler

Ross Stickler joins the team following commercial development and property management roles with several commercial real estate firms.  He combines a background in property acquisition and construction with an affinity for environmental science.  He sees a transition to residential building as a new challenge that he’s excited to tackle:

“My passion is place-making and I think we’re in a unique spot with a generation of first-time homebuyers moving from urban to suburban. I’m excited to help fuel that change,” says Stickler.

Stickler is finding Centra a great culture fit and is particularly excited to work with Pattberg and Centra President Dale Wills: 

“During my interview, they set the tone really well for me with a true vision for the development side of the business.”

The New Team

Together Barthel and Stickler may bring different skills to the table but both are excited about their new roles at Centra Homes, and also the chance to support each other:

“I really like working with Ross, I think we’ll be a good team with different strengths.  He’s great to bounce things off of,” says Barthel.

Stickler agrees, sharing that starting in the same month has proved invaluable as both get up to speed with the Centra Process:

“It’s been really nice to ask Amy questions, and have someone around to share this experience with.  We have already built a strong rapport.”

For his part Pattberg has been impressed early with the duo and he expects great things for the future.

“I am excited to have Amy and Ross on board.  It’s nice to have a team built out as we’ve already had a busy year.  Their first few weeks they’ve been up to every task and I’m confident we made two great hires.”

—Dave Pattberg, CFO, Centra Homes

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