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Construction Essentials: Keeping Workers Safe

April 30th, 2020

Customer safety is crucial at Centra Homes however it represents only a portion of a pandemic risk management plan designed to also protect trade partners and employees

Collaboration is the backbone of homebuilding.  Many hands work together to carry each project from initial grading to handoff to the consumer and through the home warranty phase.

So when Twin Cities-based Centra Homes set out to create a plan to address Covid-19 concerns and keep employees and trade workers safe, it proved to be a large task. 

Founder and President Dale Wills says that it meant reimaging all aspects of his firm’s processes:

“As a designated essential business, it fell to our leadership team to create a plan to protect clients and employees while still moving on 7 projects throughout the north metro.” 

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Wills says that the net result of those efforts is an aggressive plan spanning all aspects of the homebuilding business and focused on four key goals:

Maintaining Social Distance

  • All Centra staff and partners have been trained in social distancing best practices
  • Support staff teams for Centra are working from home to ensure compliance
  • Model home virtual tours and no-contact consultations have been implemented
  • Limited scope in-person visits are being carefully managed

Re-imagining Worksite Access

  • Trade access to job sites is limited during the day, often to a single trade at a time
  • Centra staff is limiting non-essential site visits
  • Work timelines are being adjusted to ensure adherence

Ensuring Site Cleanliness

  • Worksites are disinfected regularly, with extra attention spent on frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • Guidelines have been issued to staff and trades regarding illness using “stay at home” best practices

Safeguarding Warranty Service Calls

  • Warranty fixes in homes are being prioritized and executed with revised processes
  • Home visits for warranty work include masks and other precautions
  • Disinfection procedures are executed following work order completion

Wills says that these changes are a significant undertaking and represent a reimagining of business as usual but he’s found trade workers, clients and staff quick to adapt:

“Everyone understands the need for an abundance of caution and has been diligent in implementing changes.  We are fortunate to work with some incredible people.  Keeping clients and workers safe remains our top concern.”

 —Dale Wills, Centra Homes Founder and President

For additional information including how these guidelines may impact specific projects, please contact Centra Homes directly at 763.772.1000

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