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Growth at Centra: Introducing Team Administrator Erin Wills

March 31st, 2020

The Centra Homes Land Team’s latest hire is on the front lines– increasing efficiency, managing details, and driving infrastructure improvements across the firm. 

As any organization experiences exponential growth, it can sometimes be challenging to retain a focus on the details that led to success in the first place. Homebuilders in particular can fall into this trap– focusing extensively on individual projects, due dates, missing details, and the bigger picture items.

The Executive Team at Centra Homes is working proactively to avoid this misstep.  Their solution is to staff positions that can work across projects while simultaneously focusing on company culture and client outcomes. 

The firm’s latest hire speaks to this commitment.  In January, Centra welcomed Erin Wills as the firm’s Team Administrator.  It is a new role for Centra, one that reports through the Land Team, but has responsibilities that stretch across the organization. 

In the role, Wills has been able to split her time between administrative tasks and internal project management. 

Examples of her work include details like managing subcontractor scheduling or coordinating mailboxes for new communities.  These are coupled with special projects like a remodel of the home office. 

This dual focus could be a lot for anyone to handle, but her manager Dave Pattberg says that Wills is more than up to the task.

“Erin has been a quick study.  She enjoys learning and has been a tremendous culture fit.”

— Dave Pattberg,  Land Acquisition and Finance Manager, Centra Homes 

Through it all, Pattberg says that Wills has risen to every challenge. 

Wills’ is thriving in part because of a commitment from the Executive Team at Centra Homes to find stellar candidates and build jobs that are a fit for their skill sets.  It is an approach that works well for employers and an increasingly millennial workforce alike.

The net result is new employees engaged in work that they enjoy– work that drives positive outcomes across the firm.  

“I’ve really enjoyed the diversity in my work at Centra.  It’s been a fun challenge and the team has been great.”
— Erin Wills, Team Administrator, Centra Homes

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