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Keeping Consumers Safe and Informed: Centra Adapts Business Model Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

April 21st, 2020

Twin Cities-based Centra Homes has expanded safety considerations while allowing maximum flexibility for buyers through all phases of the home search and buying process.

Even as social distancing measures disrupt every facet of daily life, proactive businesses are rising to meet the challenge.  This is no small feat for relational industries like homebuilding where even as contractors have seemingly adapted quickly, buyers may require more assurances.

Centra Homes Vice President of Sales of Marketing Tammy Brown says that the key to reassuring customers and thriving in this environment is to raise safety above all else, while simultaneously offering flexibility:

“There is no one approach to helping buyers navigate these uncertain times.  We’ve adopted three major changes and are able to adjust each to meet the unique needs of individual clients.”

Brown says that Centra Homes is using a combination of at-home virtual tours, model home tours using Centra’s smart home technology tools, and private in-person showings to bridge the gap.  All are executed in compliance with social distancing and cleanliness guidelines, but Brown says even this is not enough. 

“Along with an increased reliance in technology and safety considerations, we’ve also enhanced our focus on communication and empathy.”

— Tammy Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Centra Homes 

Brown says that this means meeting clients where they are by addressing concerns about the virus while maintaining personal connections, even with physical distance.

To that end the Centra Sales Team has adapted quickly by increasing virtual contact throughout the buying process.  These additional phone calls, video meetings, and touchpoints assuage fears and allow both sales and construction to tailor their approach to each and every client.  In addition, Brown says that this increase in communication allows her team a chance to outline safety precautions and potential challenges thoroughly and completely.

In an era where corporate ads increasingly share that companies are “in it with you” Centra appears to be making good on the promise.  By doubling down on relationships, Brown says that Centra is helping clients become better informed and more confident. The net result is fewer worries about today, and a chance to work toward a better tomorrow.

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