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Meet Michelle Eder- Preferred Lender at Centra Homes

July 6th, 2020

Centra’s Preferred Lender has built her business by focusing on exceptional customer service, interpersonal skills and communication.  It’s a journey that began 26 years ago with a personal experience that still drives her career today.

The year was 1994 and Michelle Eder remembers the situation all too well.   She was a Branch President at a Community Bank setting out to purchase a home.  Unfortunately, the excitement of a new home purchase was dampened by a mortgage process that proved to be the most difficult component.  A series of communication gaps, paperwork snafus and other hurdles led to major delays, concern and doubt.  Thankfully they also fueled her resolve:

“I distinctly remember thinking that no one buying a home should ever have to experience this,” says Eder, “That’s when I decided to make a career change and do my part to help.”

Fast forward to today and Eder is living up to her promise.  She’s built a 25+ year career in mortgage lending and is the Preferred Lender for Twin Cities-based Centra Homes.  While back in 1994 she faced a process that was largely a mystery, today she uses the empathy she built to ensure her clients are well-informed and true partners in the process. 

“Product type, deadlines and process can be confusing for clients who may go through this twice in their lifetime.  I do my best to stay flexible and work hard to ensure they understand their options and the rationale supporting every decision”

— Michelle Eder, Preferred Lender, Centra Homes

Today, Eder offers a broad range of services focused primarily on new construction homes.   It’s a niche that is filled with nuance and requires a nimble service model that adapts to client needs and shifting timelines.  

By working closely with a builder, Eder is able to monitor progress on home construction and adapt her services to ensure details are covered and dates are met.  This spans from a streamlined pre-qualification process all the way through closing.  Closings that Eder is proud to say she has attended in person every time, a streak that was only recently broken due to COVID-fueled limits on attendees.   

Centra Homes President Dale Wills says Eder has been a phenomenal partner and is one of the key reasons his firm has laid claim to award-winning service.

“Michelle adds value to every transaction and really functions as a member of our team.  We are thankful to have such a thoughtful partner,” says Wills.

Centra Homes has backed up their trust in Eder by naming her the firm’s Preferred Lender.  It is an acknowledgment of how smoothly she handles her work and the feedback they have received from several clients she has worked with.  The title also comes with some benefits to clients. Those who choose to work with Eder receive a significant reduction on closing costs on the purchase of a new Centra Home.  

“We are thankful to have a partner like Michelle, and proud to refer our clients to her.”

— Dale Wills, President, Centra Homes

For more information on the purchasing process, prospective homebuyers are encouraged to reach out directly to sales associates in any of the active communities available on   Additional information about Eder is available on her website .

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