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Reinvigorating Ramsey: Centra Homes Closes on Parkside Village

April 2nd, 2019

Over a decade after initial development efforts ceased at Parkside VillageCentra Homes has purchased the land and will complete the development– adding 65 units in 2019.

In early 2005, builders began an ambitious townhome construction project in Ramsey.  

Dubbed Parkside Village for its proximity to North Commons Park, the project called for 15 buildings, each housing five townhouse units.

Following groundbreaking, the project faced several challenges that ultimately led developers to abandon their plan.  Construction ceased in 2006 after completion of just two buildings and a dozen total units.

While the completed units were sold, the remaining lots were left partially graded and the proposed road incomplete.  Both have remained unfinished and virtually untouched since. In subsequent years the sites have become overgrown by vegetation and the partially completed roadway has fallen into even greater disrepair.

Today Parkside Village has received new life.

Coon Rapids-based Centra Homes has purchased the property and submitted plans to finish construction, completing the development by adding an additional 13 buildings with 65 new units.  The new development promises to finally bring closure to the Parkside project and is the result of months of collaboration between Centra and the City of Ramsey.

“Ramsey is a thriving community focused on a ‘live-work-play’ model for development,” says Centra Homes President Dale Wills, “our partnership with the city to help implement the housing side of that plan has been very successful.”

Wills says the new two-story townhomes at Parkside Village will fit with the look and feel of the existing buildings and offer 1500 – 1900 square feet of living space, along with three bedrooms on one level.  Prospective residents can choose from three different floor plans with buyers able to specify internal finishes. Wills says he expects that the new homes will appeal to the young professionals with growing families who are increasingly choosing to live in Ramsey.

The new three and four bedroom townhomes at Parkside Village mark Centra’s second foray into building in Ramsey this year.  The project following closely on the heels of the successful development build of the Cottages at the COR project located just a mile away.

“Ramsey is on quite the trajectory.  They’ve prioritized access to retail, transit and housing and we are excited to be a part of this growing community.”

 Dale Wills , Centra Homes Founder and President