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May 3rd, 2022

The Centra Difference:
Building Homes and Relationships for the Long Term
An award-winning Twin Cities homebuilder is bringing a win-win mentality to the forefront for both partners and customers alike

Building quality homes is the hallmark of any successful residential builder. Solid construction at a fair price is the bare minimum required to survive in a competitive marketplace. At Top 10 Twin Cities builder Centra Homes however, these measures represent only a portion of the scorecard. 

The Coon-Rapids based homebuilder instead layers in two additional success metrics– the fit of the neighborhoods in the overall community and the long term satisfaction of both customers and cities. 

This win-win focus is a big part of why Centra Homes has been thriving for over three decades.  It’s also why so many municipalities are on their third, fourth or even fifth Centra community.

The difference is evident early in the planning process, long before any engagement begins.  Here, the Centra team partners with municipalities and land sellers directly to ensure the highest and best use of land. Before a land purchase is under contract, communities are imagined and homes are designed to meet the diverse housing needs of the community. If the vision is a fit for all parties, the individual home plans are refined and reviewed and only then is a land purchase pursued. 

By beginning with a deep understanding of a city’s vision for the future, every decision in the process is informed– from architecture choices to shared amenities and ultimately home design.   The result ensures that every Centra-built home fits buyers, buyers group together in neighborhoods, and in turn those neighborhoods contribute to the community.

The team at Centra Homes sees every project as a long term partnership. Therefore they stand behind every home with award-winning service after the sale. This is backed by an aggressive warranty that offers prompt and professional service on issues in the first year, major mechanical within two years and structural defects for 10 years.

With thousands of homes built across dozens of communities in the Twin Cities metro area, Centra Homes has redefined the scorecard of the residential homebuilder. The secret ingredient is proper planning fueled by relationships. It’s a recipe that has been refined over time, and has delivered successful communities across 30 Twin Cities suburbs.

To learn more about our engagement process, contact our Vice President of Land, David Pattberg directly at 763-772-1017.  

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