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What to Expect When You’re Constructing

May 15th, 2019

Anticipation and excitement should be front and center when building a new home.  By working with a builder focused on communication, you can ensure that confusion and trepidation won’t be

“How soon can we move in?”

It is a common question fielded by homebuilders, often delivered by buyers even before the ink is dry on a purchase agreement for a yet-to-be-built new home.

It is a sentiment that is also completely understandable.  Homebuyers like you have already been on a long journey, imagining your life in a new space, selecting amenities and securing financing.  This can make the start of the construction phase seem like the end of the journey, even though in many ways it is but a new beginning.

This makes communication throughout the build process a crucial component for successful builders.  Not only keeping you informed about what will happen in the months to come, but also engaging you in the process as much as possible.

So what should you expect in communication during the homebuilding process?  

Four key components can help:

A Clear Timeline with Milestones

Builders should clearly communicate an expected timeline for your project that includes duration and milestones.  Weather and other factors will impact this plan, but having the 10,000-foot view of the entire process via a checklist can help you understand what has been completed as well as what is upcoming.

This will include milestones like:

  • Foundation Pour
  • Framing Completion
  • Roof Installation
  • Drywall
  • Interior
  • Exterior Finishing Work

Reputable builders will offer proactive email updates on key dates so you can chart your progress as you move through the process. A homebuyer should never be in doubt about what has been completed and what is next on the list.

Expectations for Site Access

Throughout the build, your building site will be subject to OSHA safety regulations and best practices.  These will guide when you may access the job site and the safety requirements that will apply while you are there.  These will include defining safe attire for a visit as well as information about how to schedule visits ahead of time.  Keeping the job site safe and work moving forward is the goal, but this should not impede your ability to visit and chart progress.  This is an exciting new venture, charting progress as it all comes together is part of the fun.

Sales Coordinator Contact

Homebuilders will need your input throughout the build process.  This may include reviewing your selections prior to completing work, communicating your close date and addressing any items that may come up during construction.  While email will do a good job of keeping you apprised of times/dates at a high level, it is crucial that you retain access to the team via a Sales Coordinator. This person will serve as a resource for all your questions and work as a single point of contact throughout the build.

Closing Prep and Follow-up

As important as communication is during the build phase, a true differentiator is communication through closing and beyond.  This includes guidance on common questions like:

  • How to set up utilities
  • Maintenance tips
  • Details about your home warranty

And other key items.

In addition, the best builders will also solicit feedback during and after construction via surveys.  This will ensure that they have exceeded your expectations, and offer a chance for you to share your experience, raise any concerns and help streamline the process for the future.

The Bottom Line

Building a new home is a significant investment in your future.  Keeping you up-to-speed and engaged throughout the process is crucial to your satisfaction.  At Centra Homes, our tagline is “Excellent Experiences” and managing your homebuilding experience is a key component in delivering upon our brand promise.

Communication sits at the heart of this promise.  To that end, we have built a communication plan that offers email updates, guidance, and support throughout every build.  We’ve coupled that communication plan with an industry-leading team of Sales Coordinators and a customer-first culture.

We may spend months building your home, but we’ll spend decades building lifelong relationships with families in the Twin Cities.  To learn more about what makes Centra Homes unique, or to start your own new home adventure, contact a Sales Consultant today.

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