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Why Building New Can Be Easy and Affordable

The appeal of a new home is obvious – it’s a clean slate; colors and options are chosen by you to make it your own; appliances are modern and brand new; the need for maintenance is minimal; it’s under warranty, and of course — there’s that fresh new home smell!

What is perhaps not as obvious is how attainable the goal of new homeownership really is!

With the following “FAQ”, we hope to alleviate the most common concerns that we hear from prospective new home buyers.

I don’t know much about the process of building a new home, and the unknown makes me nervous.

We understand that building a home isn’t something you do every day — but we do! Our highly trained and experienced Expert Guides and Project Managers will explain what needs to happen and when, and will keep you posted about the progress of your new home every step of the way.

Building a new home will take too long.

During the many years we’ve been building homes, we’ve been able to identify and implement many efficiencies in our processes, greatly streamlining our schedule and timeline. Our typical build process is 120-150 days. At times, factors out of our control, such as excessive rain or snow, can cause delays. However, we do our best to work with our sub-contractors to make up any lost time whenever possible.

Many of our communities offerMove-in Quick homes, which are homes that are currently in the process of being built. The timeline for one of these homes may suit your needs better than a “to be built” home.

We are often able to offer “Move-in Now” homes, which are completed and ready for occupancy.

Building a new home is more expensive than buying a used home.

At first glance, the cost of a new home may seem more expensive than a used home, but a look beyond the purchase price may have you seeing things differently. Consider these additional costs of used homeownership:

● Outdated appliances, HVAC, and water heaters in used homes may unexpectedly require repair or replacement.
● Even planned renovations and repairs on a used home may cost more than expected and/or delay your move-in date.
● Appliances in used homes may not be as efficient to run, resulting in higher utility bills and more energy waste.

Building a new home is overwhelming.

While the options may seem endless, our Expert Guides will lead you through the process of selecting options, colors, appliances, etc. They will offer as much – or as little – guidance as you want.

If you dream of owning a new home, we would be honored to help you turn that dream into a reality.

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