We Buy Land

Centra Homes has a great track record of turning available land into thriving, beautiful communities. We’re currently seeking developed or partially developed land in and around the North Metro in Minnesota.

Our Promise to You

When you sell your land to Centra Homes, you can expect a fair, efficient sales process. We take pride in negotiating land deals that make everyone happy. And you can count on your land being put to good use—providing a place for one family or many to put down roots.

Man shaking hands with a farmer

Get In Touch

If you have land you’re looking to sell, we’d love to hear from you.

Centra is a quality builder who understands the broader vision and wants to make sure their project fits.
— Ramsey Community Development Director Tim Gladhill

“We are excited that this housing project will allow Ramsey to grow, delivering a market to support the amenities our residents’ desire. We can’t thank Centra enough for being part of our future.”

— John LeTourneau, Mayor of Ramsey Minnesota

“This project will be attractive, well-designed, quality construction. We want it to look nice and be high quality and everything Centra has presented is consistent with that.”

— Grant Fernelius, Coon Rapids Community Development Director

“Centra Homes has been excellent to work with. They’ve been transparent throughout the process, communicative, and flexible with adjustments – always working to align their interests with the city’s goals.”

— Meg Beekman, Community Development Director, Brooklyn Center Minnesota