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From Uncertainty to Action: Trade-up to Guarantee the Sale of Your Current Home

February 5th, 2019

A new program removes the guesswork and stress from selling your existing home and upgrading to a new Centra Home. The Centra Trade-up Program offers:

  • A guaranteed sales price for your current home
  • A hassle-free process and, most importantly
  • Peace of mind

Finding a new home that better fits your family and lifestyle can be a big relief as you begin to build a brighter future. Yet while this step may begin to draw the buying process to a close, it often kicks off a much more urgent and stressful phase—selling your existing home.

Homebuyers must shift gears to tackle upgrades and listing of their existing home, organize showings, hope that a good offer arrives and then carefully coordinate their closing dates. All of this while sellers juggle financing and keep their home spotless for unexpected visitors. This can bring long days and sleepless nights that quickly sap the joy from the home buying process.

What Is The Home Trade-Up Program?

Centra Homes new Home Trade-up Program offers a chance to flip that script. By offering to buy your existing home and integrating its sale into the purchase of your new one, Centra delivers guaranteed pricing, clarity around financing and a turnkey solution for homebuyers.

The new program offers qualified buyers of a new Centra Home the chance to turn a single meeting with a sales consultant into an offer, along with a plan to tackle deferred maintenance and coordinate closings. This can transform uncertainty into action.

“We’ve seen clients struggle to get offers, deal with challenging buyer’s inspections and forced to move twice to make it all work. We are proud to offer a simpler path.”

Dale Wills, Centra Homes Founder and President

How The Trade-Up Program Works

Centra’s Director of Marketing Tammy Brown says that qualified homebuyers interested in the Centra Home Trade-Up Program should begin by selecting a new home in one of Centra’s active selling communities. Following that selection, the prospective buyer should contact their sales counselor to set up an appointment to meet in their current home for a home assessment and to engage in a discussion about the program.

A few days after this meeting the consultant will produce a guaranteed offer to buy the home.  The prospective homebuyer will then have one week to accept the offer and enter into a contract for their new Centra home.

Brown says that the Trade-Up Program is particularly valuable because it not only provides a plan, but can also clearly define sales proceeds for buyers. She says that this can aid in obtaining favorable terms for the financing of the new home.

In addition to financing help, Brown says that the program is beneficial because it takes the focus off of the old home and rightfully engages buyers in making selections and building excitement for the new one.

“Buying a new home should be a fun and engaging process. Uncertainty around your old home and stress over the prospect of moving twice can impact that. We are excited that this new program offers a chance to remove those barriers for the families we serve.”

— Tammy Brown, Centra Homes Director of Marketing

Additional Information

Additional information about the Trade-up Program is available on Centra’s website, including a frequently asked questions section, a sample timeline and details about Centra’s active selling communities.

To get started, interested buyers should contact a Sales Counselor for the Centra community that interests them.  

“We are excited to offer this new program to help families with a simple, hassle-free path to a new Centra Home.”

Dale Wills, Centra Homes Founder and President

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