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Nate Atkins: Helping Drive ‘Superior Customer Experiences’ for Every Centra Home

February 3rd, 2020

Growth at Centra Homes has led to the creation of a new Customer Service Manager position to manage post-close customer care.  Stepping into the role is a familiar face who brings a wealth of knowledge and the wisdom of experience.

Closing on a new home is an exciting time for a homebuyer.  It’s often seen as a celebration following months of planning and anticipation. The reward for patience is a dream home that you have seen take shape.

Yet as exciting as closing is, client-focused homebuilders like Centra view it as less of an end, and more of a transition in their relationship with homeowners. 

Dave Ruhland on Customer Service Relationships

Centra Homes VP of Construction Dave Ruhland says that it’s helpful to think of closing on a home as more of an evolution of the client-builder relationship than the finish line.  He says it’s an important change that shifts the focus from the build process itself to a true customer service relationship. 

“Following the close, it’s important to maintain communication and customer care to address any warranty concerns or questions.  We want any concerns addressed promptly and effectively” says Ruhland.

So Ruhland and the rest of the Executive Team at Centra set about building a post-close buyer experience throughout the warranty period of “Doing the right thing and Attention to detail” which is in line with the firm’s core values. The solution was the development of a new role tasked with precisely that– Customer Service Manager.

Nate Atkins – Customer Service Manager at Centra Homes

In November, the firm named Nate Atkins to the new role– adding his 15+ years of customer care to the team.  

As the Centra team’s newest member, Atkins serves as part client advocate, warranty coordinator and quality assurance specialist.  His job entails detailed walkthroughs of nearly completed homes and the responsibility to coordinate warranty work to address any outstanding issues. 

Atkins says the most important aspect of his job is the warranty work, as he’ll be tasked with managing requests uploaded via the Customer Care tab at the Centra Homes website.  The firm’s commitment is to respond to these requests within 24 business hours of submission.  

“Great customer service is about prompt communication.  The 24-hour response guideline represents the importance we place on our clients.”
— Nate Atkins, Customer Service Manager, Centra Homes

While the role of Customer Service Manager may be a new one, it is staffed by a familiar face.  Among Atkins’ extensive customer service experience is a stint at Woodside Communities, the predecessor to Centra Homes. 

Atkins was excited to re-join some familiar coworkers from nearly 15 years ago, while also noting the extensive changes the firm has made over the years.

“Centra has been a strong fit for me, it’s a great company culture and I really like the team they’ve assembled,” says Atkins.

Ruhland is also excited about the new hire– proud to note that Centra’s growth has led to significant increases in client satisfaction and focus.

“As we’ve grown we’ve remained focused on our home buyers.  It is a commitment to every member of the management team has taken seriously from day one. We are excited to add Nate to the team, as we continue to serve our clients throughout the process”
— Dave Ruhland, Vice President of Construction, Centra Homes

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