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Reality Check: Busting 3 Myths About New Construction Homes

July 16th, 2019

When considering a new construction home it is important to separate fact from fiction.  We put some conventional wisdom to the truth test.

When looking for a new home, prospective buyers are often required to juggle many variables to find the right fit.  Factors like location, features, house style and cost can be difficult to balance and can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Further complicating this important decision is confusion when assessing the trade-offs between a new construction home and a previously-owned property.  

To make matters worse, conventional wisdom in this realm often fails the truth test.  With several myths gaining traction, it is time to address the misinformation head-on with some myth-busting:  

Myth 1- New homes are more expensive

This is a common sentiment that nonetheless routinely fails the truth test.  While situations vary, to simply compare purchase price, amenities and square footage between new and existing homes is essentially an apples to oranges proposition.  

To truly get it right, it is important for prospective buyers to look at the total cost of ownership.  This is where new construction often shines over existing homes. From high-efficiency appliances to home warranties to floor plans that support your lifestyle, a new home is much more likely to deliver cost-effective, maintenance-free living at an overall cost that is lower than many existing homes. 

In addition, while not necessarily top of mind today, in a decade or two when you go to sell your home, the return on investment is likely much more appealing on a new home.  This makes looking at the “all-in cost of ownership” a better method for accurately assessing your options.

Myth 2- New homes are bad for the environment

This myth is demonstrably false by nearly every measure.  

New homes are much better environmentally than previously owned homes in a variety of ways.  This includes smaller, more efficient lot sizes along with adherence to ever-evolving green building codes, shared amenities, efficient appliances and the evolution of stormwater runoff mitigation– to name just a few.

Homes built today are significantly more efficient than those built just three years ago and leaps and bounds better than those built a decade ago.  This is the convergence of regulations, efficiencies, and industry best practices that have combined to deliver significant upticks in responsible building.  The net result is sustainable communities built for the long haul.

Myth 3- Buying in a planned community means “cookie-cutter” homes

This is an interesting sentiment that relies on the assumption that homes built by the same builder in the same community are often simply clones of one another with no unique personality or finishes. 

So is it a myth or a reality?  

The truth is that it depends on the builder and the community.  Builders are routinely seeking efficiencies that can help them control costs.  In pursuing these, some go so far overboard that they can fall into this “cookie-cutter” mentality.

How can you tell if a community you are considering fits this bill?  By asking a few simple questions:

  • Are homes in this community available with more than one floor plan?
  • Will buyers be allowed to specify finishes like cabinets, flooring, and countertops?
  • Are homes in this development available with a variety of exterior color pallets?
  • How will my potential home be differentiated from my neighbors?

Reputable builders will be equipped to address these challenges directly. They should prove to you that your new home will fit your community aesthetically while retaining a unique character. 

The bottom line

At Centra Homes we’ve built homes for over 800 families across 28 north metro suburbs including Maple Grove, Otsego, and Ramsey.  We partner with homebuyers to build the type of homes that meet their immediate needs and can adapt as those needs change.  

New construction homes aren’t right for everyone, but they may be right for your family.  We are environmentally responsible, cost-effective, and driven to exceed our clients’ high standards.

If you are considering a new home and looking for an affordable, low maintenance, quality-built home, we’d love for you to consider one of our active communities.  Contact us today to get started.

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